• Axie Infinity that novice Xiaobai can understand

    Speaking of the worlds most gold-absorbing mobile games, the first impression in most peoples minds should be games such as Glory of the King, PUBG Mobile and Original God. But just recently, a blockchain game Axie Infinity that did not app...

  • The chain game Axie Infinity suddenly exploded

    The sales performance of breaking US$20 million in the last 30 days allowed the blockchain game Axie Infinity to once again enter the field of vision of Chinese crypto-asset players. The game is also currently the project with the highest t...

  • Is it too late to enter the pit Axie Infinity?

    At the beginning of July this year, a Filipino player stated on social software that he had bought two houses in the Philippines with the profits he earned from playing Axie Infinity games. Axie Infinity is a game based on the NFT+ metavers...

  • Top 5 blockchain game companies in 2021, Axie Infinity only ranks second

    Blockchain games, encrypted games, play2earn games, and everything surrounding this game segment are still relatively new concepts. The cross-fusion between encryption technology and blockchain technology and games is more or less inevitabl...

  • I missed Axie Infinity, what other Play to Earn games can I follow?

    Recently, market sentiment has never recovered, and the overall cryptocurrency market continues to fluctuate. In sharp contrast to the uncertainty of the broader market is the sudden emergence of the Play to Earn chain game sector. Game tok...

  • Axie Ifinity News Today|Latest Breeding Fee Adjustment

    After 24 hours, the official will update the breeding fee! The cost of SLP for each product will triple. The cost of AXS for each product will be halved to 0.5 AXS These are the new total breeding costs, in SLP units, for each variety. Lead...

  • Does blockchain gaming really have a future?

    Blockchain is not a new word anymore. Even the grandparents on the streets know how Bitcoin has experienced several rises and falls in recent years, and how it has exploded peoples positions. For different people, this obviously has complet...

  • Top 10 blockchain games this month, meta-universe games exploded

    Check out the most popular money-making games and meta-universe games. In the past few months, blockchain games have been a hot spot for crypto activities. Through this article, DappRadar pays attention to the most popular game dapps. To co...

  • How Blockchain Is Changing Gaming

    The gaming industry has come a long way. From clunky consoles, quirky cartridges and simplistic games (Super Mario Bros, anyone?) to an entertainment outlet worth over $170 billion, powered by more than 2.7 billion players worldwide. Nowada...

  • Best Blockchain Games To Play And Earn In 2021

    Gaming is growing faster than ever before. The gaming industry is currently valued at $173 billion, with very positive indicators showing that it will surpass the $300 billion mark in the next five years. Behind this boom is a recent surge...

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